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5K+ Stepping Stones Week 2

Alright, I am into my second week doing the "Stepping Stones" cast and it is feeling good. I am in New Jersey in the US so the Hurricane made it hard to run with all of the fallen trees and general wreckage, but running the small clear distance on the running trail back and forth worked out. Finally a section of trail completely dried out and the branches were cleared to allow for a longer run.

So today I had mys best run ever averaging 11:50 miles rather than my usual 12:30 miles for the 2.5 miles I seem to be able to run in 30 min. The Stepping Stones cast is really good and I am starting to feel like it is time to try the other 5K+ casts.

The strange thing about today is that it was cold and I was getting pelted by snow flurries, yet I still had my best ever run. Apparently the running is not challenging enough so I am getting hurricanes and nor'easters to challenge me more.

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You do like it radical don't you! I love that someone was considerate enough to clear the trail so that you could run - now, that's what I call service ;-).

It's strange, isn't it - how there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to this running thing? I mean, I know there are all sorts of scientific training plans and eating plans and stuff, but sometimes the runs you think are going to be great are pants and the times that you think 'eurggh, it's cold and wet and I'm tired and grumpy and sore and hungry' turn out to be the best ones.

Go figure! Sounds like you're embracing the challenges though, and I think that at bottom that's what this whole running thang is about.


Vivwestie, you are right. It is amazing how it is so unpredictable. The one sure thing is I always feel stronger at the end.


I just did stepping stones today after a few weeks of hit or miss running, and it felt good too :-) well done you, dodging all the vile weather you've been having of late. Stay safe :-) I have friends in Hoboken who are still without power :-(



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