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What's your favourite song to run to?

The time has come to move on from Laura and make my own play list, so I thought I'd ask all of you what your favourite tracks are.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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I have lots ( even though am new to this, these are ones I will use when I'm fully fledged :)

Bloc Party - Flux

Bloodhound Gang - bad touch

Swedish house mafia - One

Faithless - Insomnia

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance

DeadMau5 - animal Rights

Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot

Labrinth - earthquake

Chase & Status - end Credits

Black Eyed Peas - boom boom pow

Prodigy - Breathe

Calvin Harris - feels So Close

Nicki Minaj - Pound the Alarm

Loreen -Euphoria

The Saturdays -All Fired Up

Delphic - Halcyon

Snap! - Exterminate

Hopefully there is something in there that's to your tempo :) xx


Hi, I think the choice of music that is good for running depends on your own stride length and footfall to the beat. I love

Netsky- memory lane

Pendulum- Slam

Rianna- te Amo

Pendulum- hold your colour and Watercolour


Long time side I ran to music but anything from the first couple of Iron Maiden albums works wonders. Especially Running Free and not just because of the name :-P


I have plenty of favourites - Eye of the Tiger is a must, I think, for any workout! My personal favourite (the one that gets me smiling when it comes on) is Zanzibar by Suburban Legends. It's so motivational and upbeat, and unless I'm on a treadmill I always end up doing strange run-dances whilst it's on! Just a load of fun, really.


LOL - ruthharvey - I imagined Pheobe from Friends and the running episode, when I read that!


I'm not quite at that stage yet, but one that I know will be in there when I do will be Silence by Delerium feat Sarah Maclachlan. Very specifically the DJ Tiesto in search of sunrise mix. Now being 40 somethings, hubby and I are not big into rave/dance music. But this particular song just has something about it. It has so many layers, that it is almost an electronic symphony. We have made our own compilation cd for the car, and it's right there in amongst Elvis Costello, Madness, Pulp, Beautiful South. Totally out of sync with the rest o fthe tracks, but we both love it. And I agree with ruthharvey, Eye of the Tiger always gets me going. Anyone else feel like they could kick the entire worlds butt when they've just watched a Rocky film? lol


everybody wants to rule the world by tears for fears :)

dont go by yazoo

sexy & I know it by lmfao

anything 80s really. 40something who loves the 80s so very happy with 80s remixes :)

theres lots of run to the beat type remixes on amazon downloads which is where I find my inspiration when a bit bored with what I have.


My own favourite is Kenny Loggins - Footloose, just perks me up and I start a rocking' and a runnin' :)


Oooh ceefin, you are close, but it should be Danger zone. :)


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