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Peer involvement/encouragement

One little tip that I'd give anyone is to let as many people close to you (friends/family) as possible know that you are running/exercising, without being annoying about it, obviously.

This will then motivate you to keep going/get out there and run when/if you're having a day when motivation levels have taken a dive.

Personally, I've downloaded the Nike+ iPhone app, which (if I choose) posts details of my run to Facebook and/or Twitter after the run has finished, such as pace, distance covered, and time elapsed (all these can be turned on or off). Friends and family have commented how it's great to see how I'm doing, or how long/far I've run on that day, and a number of them have phoned to ask what's going on and why I've decided to take up running (they all know how I dislike the activity!)

The app also keeps a log/record for me of the details of all my runs, as well as allowing me to set a goal.

I'm sure there are other great apps/tools that do a similar job (apparently MapMyRun is great too), but thought I'd share one that I'd found to be great.

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Yes, I use endomondo which sounds very similar. I allow mine to post to fb, as an incentive to not slack off. I just know that my mother would take great delight in harping on should I miss a day!


Exactly, I'm very aware that whilst they're being very encouraging at the moment, there's DEFINITELY a few waiting for me to fail...!

I've heard good things about Endomondo too. I guess we're lucky that we're living in an age with such apps.


I agree, jazz15c. I have only just started the C25K, but I have been using the Nike + app as the cardio machines at my gym are Nike+ as well, so plug in my iPhone and it records what I do on the bike, crosstrainer etc)

As I'm doing the C25K on treadmill to start with, I'll be adjusting the length of my workout to fit the podcast and listening to Laura :)

Telling friends and family is a good idea. I have already been chatting to the guys at work about it. They all agree that the podcasts are a good thing and the target is acheivable.

I have my 2nd W1 run later this afternoon and I'm actually looking forward to it.


Wow, didn't realise it could be used on equipment at the gym too. That's ideal.

Great that you're looking forward to your next run, very positive. I'm taking a rest day today (irresponsibly did far too much yesterday) but looking forward to my run with some tunes after work tomorrow evening.

Good luck with it all :o)


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