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I loves those reeses to pieces

My week 8 run 2 today. Feeling a bit stiff but it went more or less ok. My app thingy tells me that I have burned 360 calories. Gets back to the office to meet a colleague who has just come back from the States, she has brought me my favourite chocolate, Reeses Pieces. Total calories in the packet, 360 calories! I'll try not to eat them all at once!

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:-) I have an app that will tell me calories burned and how many cheeseburgers I have racked up that I can eat... I wish it didn't do that, it makes my mouth water! If you are going to use up the calories, Reeses pieces is the way to go! YUM! :-) Chocolate cures everything, so it will probably "help" with the stiffness of the run. ;-) Gayle


Yum! I'm recently back from the States. I brought my favorite snack: Cheez-Its. Mmmm.


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