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I have been keeping the exerciser

I have been doing my exercise cycling 3 hrs 30 min. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Last Wednesday I could hardly arrive home, the win was blowing against me, had to stop and have some cake and tea on the way to get some energy, but even I had the cake I kept my calories in control.

Tuesday, Thursdays I walk and found out I am doing quite a bit of calorie burning there as well 480 cal. 25min. walk each way to the station. I actually get off 2 stations before my stop and walk from there.

Bad thing is that yesterday my partner who rarely pays for anything invited me to the best Mexican restaurant in London, I never been to restaurants because I know how bad they are but I knew this was a good one and is not far from my house. I could not resist and had about 700 calories, food was very good. I went over my calories by 200. I have told my partner no move invitation to places like that.

I am now off to walk back home and burn another 240 calories and hope to start the Couch to 5K tomorrow Saturday.

Keep it up everybody!!

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That restaurant sounds good! Have fun starting tomorrow - remember - go sloooooow! :)


You said go sloolow! Is there anything in particular. slow in the eating or exercise? I am just starting so any advice is welcome.


Well I expect slow eating would help too (not so much time to eat so much!) but I meant with the running - most beginners start out much too fast and then wonder why it is so hard!

If you start off with a very gentle jog - about the same pace as your walking, or maybe a tiny bit faster, you will get less out of breath, and your heart, joints and bones will be able to cope with it all much better. When you finish the programme, you can speed up. It has worked really well for me - I finished last week, and have already found I can go much faster for short periods - and what is even better, I really, really enjoy it! Amazing, because I'm 53 and have never run since primary school, when I hated running. :)


Hi. Have your Mexican and enjoy it. If you're keeping to your plan the rest of the time, you'll find your weight goes up for two days (yes, it's that predictable) then come back down. It's just the bulk, shall we say, passing through.

Example - at the beginning of Feb, I was 69.4kg but had three days celebrating Burns' night. Hmmm - that was a long night. Friday was the actual Burns' Supper and hit me for 3560 cal (ouch!), Saturday, went to our local Chinese buffet - 2430, Sunday wasn't so bad at 1270, but then I had 2700 on the Monday. Altogether, this should have been disastrous and yes, my weight went up to 70.3 kg. But by Wednesday I was back down to 69.6. So only 200g overall increase. That wasn't so bad under the circumstances. Even better, by the next weekend I was down to 69.1kg and two weeks on, I'm now 67.6.

Wow - lots of numbers there, sorry. But you get the idea. Having a good feed now and again does absolutely no harm to your weight loss. Just don't make it every day (:->)


I find when I eat out, the scale goes up. Probably because of the extra sodium etc. It helps me to remember, that to truly gain one pound, I would have had to eaten 1500 extra calories then my body used. Good luck starting C25K!! Gayle


1500 on top of you allowance? I started with 1380 but I am hopefully burning a lot with the exercise.


Impressed! You have it all calculated there. I have just started at 12. Stones and I am not weighing my self so regular I want to weight again in about 4 weeks and hope it shows something. You started at 15stns, 3 yrs ago how is it now?


Hi cerrito - I think it'm you're asking? Yes, I was a bit over 15 stone (97kg) but I've only been working on it for a year plus a couple of weeks. My target weight (self-imposed) was 66kg but thought it was a tough call. That would put me in the midle of the 'normal' weight band for my height - 68kg - plus 2 kg to allow me to fluctuate (i.e. pig out from time to time) while keeping to the 68 mark.

I'm now 67.4 and within sight of the finish line. Weight, blood pressure, etc. are now tip top rather than worryingly high. It's just an amazing change!

I've written a few pieces on the blog about my 'prescription' and I honestly believe you have to weigh in more than once a week. To take control, you need to see how your numbers are progressing. Some would say it's wrong to weigh daily because natural fluctuations (i.e. the weight of what is in your digestive system) make the process meaningless. My reponse is to agree, but to then say that if you can't trust a daiy reading, how can you trust a weekly reading? These same fluctuations must be there too. By weighing daily, you can see your numbers going up and down through the week but - more importantly - take an AVERAGE of your weight over the week. That can be very revealing. My weight goes up and down constantly. But the weekly and monthly average weights go consistently down.

And because you see progress that would otherwise be hidden, you are more motivated to carry on. Hope that helps.


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