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Week 8, Run 1 - definitely mind over matter

Week 8, Run 1 - definitely mind over matter

I've been sooooooo worried about moving into week 8. Week 7 was completely pants for me, for no other reason than I found the 25 minutes a struggle, especially the last 5 minutes.

Today before I ran, I was convinced that it was going to be 'one of those runs' I met a few gremlins before I'd even got into my kit! They were feeding me the usual lines, such as '28 minutes is a long time, you know, 'don't forget that you struggled last week', 'just stay in bed, you know you want to' but following a stern talking by Carl (my other half), I jumped my first huddle and got into my kit.

The next huddle I had was that my iPhone was out of battery, so I had to delay my run for 40 minutes! During this time, I was talking over my fears with Carl and how when i get to a certain point in my run (about 20 mins in) I really struggle and want to give up and how I thought my playlist wasn't helping (it's at this point that two slowish songs from Florence + The Machine come on).

I took the opportunity of the delay to add a couple of new tunes to my playlist and shuffle some others around and then off I went :-)

I deliberately tried to just focus on running at a steady pace because I wanted to finish and was not bothered about speed. The re-shuffled playlist was timed just right, as I'd moved a Florence song to about half way in to slow me down and made sure that I had some pumping tunes during the last 5 minutes. I'm amazed by how something so simple as moving a few songs on a playlist had such a positive impact on my run.

I had such a good run today :-) which is brilliant considering where my mind was even before the run. At several points during the run I completely zoned out and all I could focus on was pushing forward.

I'm looking forward to run two on Tuesday. I can't believe I've only got 5 runs left :-)

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Brilliant, well done Clare. Week 7 seems to last forever doesn't it? Now you've got the finish line in sight so keep it up, stay positive and you'll get there in no time. Good luck with the rest of week 8 and 9. :)


Thanks Fraz! Glad to see that your second attempt at B25K was better.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks I'll have my own shiny graduate badge :-)


Well done Clare, I'm right behind you with my W8R1 on Tuesday :-)


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