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Week 6 run 3

Would it be ok to start week 6 with run 3? I ask this because I have not done a long run outside yet as my routine is usually run 1 of the week saturday afternoon, run 2 monday evening on the treadmill and run 3 on the treadmill on wednesday as I finish work at 5pm and its too dark to go running on my own.

My only other option is start monday and do run 1 on treadmill, wednesday run 2 on treadmill then have two days rest thursday and friday then do run 3 on saturday however I look forward to my run on saturday afternoon so may do it this way once I am running 30 mins 3 times a week as I will then definitely get to do a long run on saturday.

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Keep to the programme ebony as it builds you up to the longer runs in the correct manner. Maybe just move your days around as you suggest if you are desperate to do the 25mins outside but from week 7 they will all be longer runs with no intervals so you will definitely get one of them on a Saturday.


Thanks SBG356

I will stick to my usual routine because as you say from week all the runs are longer so I will definitely get to do one of them on saturday. I am just amazed at myself for being able to run for 20 mins non-stop - certainly could not have done a minute let alone 20 six weeks ago.


Yes its amazing how far we can go with a structured programme like this Philippa. Best of luck



I meant to add to my reply that my name is actually philippa but couldnt not use it as my user name as it was already taken so used my nieces name instead,


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