W11R2 and the new badge!

A big slow down on my W11R2 as I plodded through the 30 minutes with a slow-for-me time about a minute twenty plus off my best 5k. It was the hardest work I have had for ages. A cold half term morning and cars all over the place. Not that that explains the timing. I had been to a dance class the night before and ankles and legs were feeling exercised so it might have been better to do what I usually do, which is to get out in the evening (after work). Next run is Sunday, when I am sure my planned 'quiet night in with a movie' should help if I get a decent night's sleep. Once I have things back on track I will start to think again about the alternatives to doing W9 forever.

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  • Well done Janda, I thought once I graduated, running would be a breeze! I guess we will always face good runs/bad runs. I'm loving that bright shiny badge by your name, it fits you well!!!! :-)

  • Cheers gdeann. Just so long as there are good runs as well as bad ones, eh?

  • WOO! Your badge is here! yay - looking good! :)

  • Thanks. Your badge looks pretty good too.

  • At least you still ran janda so thats good! The badge looks good doesnt it? It was worth the wait....

    Dance class eh?! Sound intriguing........


  • Well done Janda-yeeah, you got your badge too! Fantastic! I think John was working flat out Thursday to get them all posted.

    Good luck with your runs. I decided to go straight onto Stepping Stones-only one done so far, as had the rest of the week off with a cold and cough that worsened from week 9. I enjoyed it! Laura was there to guide me-a lot more cerebral activity this time.

    Have a good week :-)

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