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Chilly morning run lesson!!!

Inspired by Swanscot I decided to go out nice and early and see some frost!!! Ha ha.

Got to the car - flat tyre, so had to do a quick wheel change before I even left the town. By then the temperature had climbed from 2 degrees to 5, so goodbye frost. Also by the time I had got to my allocated run spot and parked up the sun had stopped shining too - double grrr!

I made a conscious decision to do a slow and easy run - trying not to aggravate any of my achy bits and get to the end of it not hurting too much.

So I ran into the very brisk wind (for a southern softie!!!) and proceeded at what I thought was a slow plod, freezing my butt off!!! I finally managed to warm up and came to the end of Laura's stamina podcast just in time for my 5 mintue cool down back to the car.

Boy - it is a different game running in cold weather though , I can feel my joints complaining - and one big drawback of having an ample butt is that once it gets cold it is like an inverse storage heater and takes ages to warm up!!!!

Back home on RunKeeper I mapped my run and was very suprised that I had run 4 K and managed to increase my speed by 1.5 mph's!!!!

So there you go - it seems that I am improving my speed even after I had, half way round the run decided to stop giving two hoots about my speed and just enjoy the fact I am actually running!!!!

There must be a lesson there somewhere.......

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What a shame you missed the frost and the sun.

Actually I didn't have to go out that early. It was still -0.5°C here at 09.30 yesterday.

I laughed at your comment about your butt. I had the same problem, despite wearing my Brooks 3/4 length running tights which are ever-so-slightly thicker than my others. I was soon warm - even the bare bits of my legs - except for my cold behind! As I was running I was remembering a discussion on the blogs a month or so back about men's running tights and going commando. According to discussions on other running forums. I believe many women, too go knicker-less under running tights. I can't imagine going out in sub-zero temperatures with any less fabric covering the huge expanse of skin that follows me around! As it was, I was wondering if I need to buy thermal bloomers!


Well it is a thought - thermal undies sounds like a goood idea! how about compression shorts under the tights? At the moment I am running in fairly robust not too flappy yoga pants because I cannot pluck up enough courage to expose the world to my legs in running tights - it goes against all pre conditioned pear shaped dress sense (a flare to balance the hip breadth and all that) But a pair of granny bloomers - now that sounds comforting. As for the thought of commando.... blimey, I tried thongs once and felt naked and unsupported!!!

How about a pair of hot water bottles?


Ha ha! Great idea!


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