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First go at Speed!

....and I found it a bit strange to be honest. Firstly I could NOT walk in time with the music - my brisk walking is faster than that and I found myself having to constantly chop my stride to keep in time. It didn't help that Laura counts out of time!!!! I soon found it easier to ignore her 'counts'. But I figured once the running kicked in that I would be stretched and start to struggle. Well it turns out that the 150bpm is slower than my usual pace - I wasn't expecting this so I was literally tripping over myself - and found that the only way to deal with it was to lengthen my stride. I take it that's what you're supposed to do? That made it much harder!! I coped fine with the 165bpm intervals, but thought the whole thing was a bit short so jogged the whole cool down home as others have suggested which was fine.

Think I might go out again tomorrow and have a bash at stamina instead - or just go for a steady run. Or start B210K - arrrgghh decisions decisions!!

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I ignore the counting now on these as if I pay attention to Laura it slows me down too (I only realised this after a few goes and looked at my stats afterwards!). So what I do with speed is my usual jog, with sprinting intervals as fast as I can. It seems to work for me, I am suitably exhausted at the end!

To be honest I don't think it is meant to be lengthening your stride, quite the opposite in fact. In stepping stones she says it is about getting short, quick movements.

With stamina I ignore her too and just find three speeds and knock it up a gear when asked to change! Maybe I just have no sense of rhythm, but her counting all sounds the same to me anyway at different BPM!


That sounds like a good idea. I think it's the fact that she tells you to step on the beat and then counts almost OFF the beat which got me confused. Anyway i can't say I enjoyed it that much so I have decided enough is enough, I've completed C25K, I've done 5K in under 30 minutes so I need new challenges. Saturday marks W1R1 of B210K. 4 x 10 minute intervals. If all goes according to plan I could be attempting my first 10K just before my 39th birthday!! That would be the best present I could give myself. :)


Sounds like the best plan for you - good luck with it and let us know how you get on! :)


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