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Important Message from Pearsey.TexasDad want sponsors for his clinical research run. Please read! C'mon the Team!!

Hi All,

TexasDad has run for his friends again this year, Amy and Steve. They have 2 children with Hurler Syndrome (Gargoylism). They have already lost a child with this terrible disease.

Here is the link

Go in and click on Donate, click the list and select Mps1 Research, as this is what affects Amy and Steve's children. When filling in the form honour Steve and Amy.

Thank you in advance for your donation. There are 500+ graduates on the programme, plus others striving to graduate. If we all donate, say, $20, TexasDad will have a good sum to hand in.

C'mon the Team!! :-)

2 Replies

Such a great idea!!! We are all so blessed in many ways, I can't even imagine losing a child and having my other two suffering such a disease. Gayle


Thank you so much Gayle. Rather an apathetic response-I had visualised loads of people wanting to support TexasDad too. It is simply heartbreaking for the parents, knowing all their children are doomed, and yet wanting to help find a cure.



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