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Endomondo made me Superwoman

Endomondo made my day yesterday – End of the British Summer Time (funny how the British Winter Time does not exist!) W6R3 and here are I am!

6 am I’m up.

6.20 am I’m out.

I decided to try a new route for this world first: me running 25 min.

So, I’m heading towards the bridge, cross the bridge and river walk here I am. OK by the time Laura announce I’ve done half of the time, I’m exhausted, but I keep going, decide it’s time to turn around back home. When Laura announced that there is only 5 minutes left, I’m submerged by an huge sense of relief. Up the bridge – never realized how high that bridge is. I’m puffing, everything hurts, my lungs are burning, I sooooo want to stop, but I’ll finish that run and I did! :-) Yeepy, well done me!

I don’t think I have ever done such a slow 5 min walk afterwards, but I have ran for 25 min!!!

Curiosity then get holds of me, I want to check far I managed to go to tell my boyfriend first thing when I get back home. I get my phone out and I had not been so exhausted I would have had a heart attack: 36 Km in 37 minutes.

Yep! I am superwoman :-)

When I get home, still laughing at the idea of doing an average pace of 1 min/km (58 Km/h) I announced to my other half that according to my map, I have been from Kingston to Leatherhead and back... a couple of times!

I did check on Google maps for the distance and I am very pleased with myself as I have done just over 4 km

CORRECTION: 3.2 miles is more than 4 Km, it's 5 K - youhouuuuu! I AM Super WOMAN, even without Endomondo!

Go me!

Week 7 is it just Halloween or it looks scary..?

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"End of the British Summer Time (funny how the British Winter Time does not exist!) " - the irony is that in reality with our weather, we have no summer and it feels like it's winter all year round! haha

Well done on your run. Your Endomondo time did make me smile! Zoom! But your real distance was good too! Don't fear week 7, your distance means you are well placed to take on the rest of the programme. Week 7 is just 3 of the same as today and hopefully you will find it getting a little easier each time :)


Excellent run, EnVadrouille!! No worries about W7!! You have made it this far and after running 1Km/1min for more than 30 minutes, you will have no problems, I'm sure!! :-)

I have started using Endomondo,!! also. It does seem to have an occasional glitch!! Last week, after running for nearly 30 minutes, I found that Endomondo said I had completed. just 100 meters!! Granted, I am not the fastest man in the world, but that was ridiculous!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Had to laugh at your story! It must have been soooo frustrating!


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