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Man flu 1 - Laura 1

I really do wish I could listen to advice more often. Day 5 of man flu and head is clear now but chest playing up big time. But bouyed by the success of wk9r2 two days ago despite the man flu, I decided to try another run today. Knew I would not be up to the 30 mins so went instead for the two 10 minute sessions from earlier in the program and only got as far as 8 minutes before lungs said enough is enough.

A friend who works with the coach for one of our top paralympic athletes told me last night that the neck rule for colds and flu - if its just a head cold, then train normally, you'll be fine. If its below the neck and in the chest, do nothing, you will only damage your fitness. I wish I had listened.

Taking two or three days proper rest and will then go for my graduation run. Own wrists slapped for thinking I knew better.

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So many are coming down with flu, bugs and other nasties - its not nice at all! At least you tried chusan but you do definitely need to rest now!

I have recently read the same advice about colds - if you have a fever or symptoms below the neck, dont run; anything above the neck, like sniffles or congestion, it is usually ok to run as it wont make it worse to do so.

Rest up, get fully fit and then go out there and graduate!


It's so true, someone told me this just before I went out for one of my W8 runs. I dismissed it as I thought I just had a cold which fitted in to the above the neck rule however I after 6 laps of the track I could run no more.

I then spent most of the night and the next day with a hacking, wheezy cough. Learnt my lesson. I used to suffer from asthma and whilst I don't consider myself to still suffer, I definately find running in the cold air hard work and it gives me a wheezy cough. I might be moving inside to the treadmill during the winter !!


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