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Playlist Panic

I've now done two runs of week 7, on Saturday and just now, Monday lunchtime. Knowing that you have a 25 minute run with no intervals is a challenge but I have managed it so far.

The good thing about it is that with no intervals you can use your own playlist. I did try to keep the bpm down, but not sure what difference that made. As I ran I was trying to remember how many songs I had put on and what the half way mark etc was. Panicked when a song I had forgotten about came on, wasn't as near the end as I thought. The playlist was actually a couple of minutes over the 25 but I ran to the end to make up for a few stop-starts with traffic.

I feel I have made real progress but still finding each run a fresh challenge. Amazing to think that a 25 minute run would have killed me a couple of months ago.

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Yeah for you mabbers! I find every run a challenge too, but look at us, we are runners now! :-) you guys with playlist amaze me, I honestly can't tell you what I listened to, I'm concentrating so hard on not collapsing! :-) keep up the great job! Gayle


Well done Mabbers :) I'm due to start week 7 today and think I will try some of my own music for a change - hope Laura doesn't have a huff!!


Defo give your own music a go. I started using my own during the 20 min runs and it helped so much. I've chosen songs that have a good beat and remind me of something,

I then find that when they come on I always smile and start thinking about the memory rather than running (don't get me wrong the memory doesn't take away the pain or last the whole song !!). Hope that helps ;-)


Yeah, I find I can think about the music for a bit as well. Hadn't always listened in depth to the lyrics of some of the songs. Maybe that one about the alcoholic war veteran wasn't such a great choice, well the tune seemed upbeat!


Well done, mabbers!! I have to admit that I am with Gayle on this one!! How can you hear music??? All that I hear is gasping and wheezing!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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