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Feeling lost and unmotivated after graduation?

I’ve read on several blogs here that people feel lost after graduation. Several feel less motivated or less certain of what they’re aiming for without the structure of C25K. I just want to put a word in for the C25K+ podcasts.

I too was feeling a bit aimless even though I’ve been going out three times a week and trying to do 30 minutes each time. I’ve been trying to improve on my time and even get to 5k in 30 minutes. I haven’t managed so far but I’m not far off. The last couple of weeks I started using the Speed and Stamina podcasts. Please have a go at them if you haven’t already. I find the combination of Stamina, Speed and then one 30-45 minute run on my own the perfect combination at the moment. It pushes me just enough, gives plenty of variety and I can see changes in my solo run as a consequence. I’m managing to run longer and easier. Each week I aim to run for 5 minutes longer. I’m going to carry on with this until I a) run 5k under 30 minutes and b) go to 10k.

If anyone else feels lost I’d recommend this training. I live in France so don’t have the bonus of Park Runs but I’m sure I’d do them once a fortnight instead of perhaps the stamina podcast. I really love running even though I’m not “good” at it – yet! I just love the feeling of it and I know I’m still in a transition period before hopefully becoming a proper runner. In the meantime I’m going to keep using the podcasts to keep me on track and motivated. Good luck to all of you too!

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Good post. ~The follow on podcasts hadnt been released when I graduated so when I started losing a bit of oomph I signed u for a 10k and downloaded a plan (free) from Runners world. Having a race to work towards got me focussed again.


Good advice, nevertoolate. I used the podcasts a few times and really enjoyed them. I also started a beginner's night at the local running group where they do threshold training and I've enjoyed that. I also wanted to just run without any music or voices - and that was good too. It's nice once you get over the final run of the programme to be able to mix it up and experiment with different speeds, lengths and types of running. But, yes, those 5k+ podcasts are very good for keeping up the motivation.


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