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life after graduation??

I have just completed w8r1, but every time I run now I worry about what to do once I have graduated. Obviously I want to continue running, but should I try to speed up or run for longer or what? Just doing more 30 minute runs is soon going to get tedious. And without the podcasts I am not sure I am going to stay motivated. What have other people done after week 9?

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I too needed a plan once I finished the C25K, didn't want to run without a target. If you have not reached 5k in the 30 mins, you might want to work on your speed. Try googling Interval or hill running for helping you with your speed/pace.

If you have reached 5k, or are not bothered about being a speed meister, you can look at the Bridge to 10K (B210K). Andystev on this forum has links to the older version; a new version is coming out soon (July I think I saw Laura post). The old version will, over five weeks, take you up to 10k distance or one hour of running. It has a lady called Sammy urging you on and telling you when to run/walk.

After that there are a million plans. Another member here and I did the Bupa 10 mile plan, which takes you up to that distance in 12 weeks, either as a beginner, or as an intermediate. This training will (just about) get you through a half marathon if that is your goal...

The only limit on how far your training can take you is your own.

Good luck!



Hi there! I have just graduated, albeit slowly! I decided on W9R3 to try and run for 5k. I did, in 44 mins! So today I will be on my second post graduation run and I need to build on my stamina. Speed may (or may not) come later :)

Iam doing a Race for Life in just over a week and after that I will need to have another goal I think!

I wish you well for your graduation :)


I too am always pondering that one do I increase speed doing a few podcasts from the plan. Do I learn to run outside as all my runs have been on a treadmill as outside hurt my knees too much. I would love to run a 5k next year so that has to be one plan. Or I may do a combination of the 2 but my woryy there is will I forget how to do the longer runs so do I need to 1 faster on treadmill 1 slowish but outside and 1 30 mins to keep up distance.

Well it gives me someting to think about while I do these last 4 runs.


People who are building on their C25k or training for longer events quite often have a short 5k type speed run, an interval run, and one longer run each week. The interval one can be changed for hillwork, or fartlek type runs. So much to choose from!



thats great Carole more or less what I had been thinking.


I think, once I can comfortably run for 30 mins straight, I will go back to the beginning and jog the "walks" and then run faster for the running sections to build up my speed as I am way off a 30min 5k at the moment. Then I would like to try the B210K as there is a 5 mile charity run I want to do next year, but I am a bit worried about the amount of time it will take up!!


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