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To keep me going I'm still running the W9 podcasts. I almost don't hear the music, except as a guide in time. Got till Sunday now to decide what the next step is but I am still reckoning on the Stepping Stones. In the meantime the 30 minutes seems as hard as ever but I am getting faster and ran farther than my previous effort on Tuesday. I've now got below the 27 minute mark for 5k and made 5.56k when Laura calls time-up. Proof the programme works?

When do I get my graduate badge I wonder? Still to order the shirt but promised myself I would do. Thanks for the continued interest and support and keep running!

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Well done on keeping going, I ditched the podcasts soon as I could - I found the music so annoying :-( The follow on podcasts hadnt been released so I just ran for longer each time (to my own music) and then downloaded a 10k training programme from runners world website.

Good luck.


How are you doing with the 10k? Was it one of the many B210k programmes? Please advise as I want to weigh up the options for my next steps. I have downloaded one with a set of podcasts to take me through 5 more weeks. If I do the C25k+ first though it could mean trying to do the 10k graduation about New Year's Day!!


I graduated in early March. Plodded on 3 times a week on my own, just trying to run a bit further/longer each week. Got a bit bored. Did a parkrun and using my time for that that as my starting point downloaded a personalised training schedule from Runners World website (free), to prepare for a June 10k race (a large local charity run).

I had a chest infection so ended up not doing the planned 10k, but did one in August and I was chuffed with myself - it was a small fast "proper" 10k, but I enjoyed it thoroughly (expected to come in last but came in last but one at 1h 16 mins!)

The training plan was fab APART from it expecting me to do speed intervals which I proved I just can't do on my own (most runners find this it seems). I do most of my running on my own (plus dog!). So then my big sis persuaded me to join a newish friendly running group for all abilities that meets once a week to do speed work. Did my 2nd 10k on 23/9/12 in VILE weather, gusty winds and pouring rain and managed 1h 12 42 so getting better (slowly!) :-)

I plan to do a few more 10ks and 5k parkruns and then a 10 mile in Feb. By next Sept I would like to be able to do the Cardiff half marathon and enjoy it! Nearly did it two weeks ago as someone offered me a last minute place but knew I would struggle.


Deryn61, I just have to say you are AWESOME! A real inspiration.


Bless you! I don't feel awesome lol! I am just quietly chuffed that I can push myself out of my comfort zone, and enjoying the new found confidence and the camaraderie running has brought - especially the lovely people on here1 :-)


I am impressed. Too late to do it now but I will get back to you on your reply. Brilliant. Thanks.


Well done on your time and distance ( and congratulations on your graduation, the website was playing up when I tried before). I can really recommend the C25k+ podcasts, the music's better and there's more of Laura encouraging you and giving you tips on technique. I was really scared of trying them, even to the extent of spending time listening to them in the comfort of the couch to check them out, but they are challenging but doable. My favourite is Speed, it's short but a good workout and sometimes we only have time for a short run in our busy lives! I'm grounded for 2 weeks at least with shin splints, moan, moan, I'm desperate to get back out there running.

Have you messaged JR21 to ask for your shiny green grad badge? Will be looking out for it!

Enjoy your post grad running, it's nice to have the freedom (but weird at the same time!)


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