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Week 7, Run 1 - A bad run but that ok

Tonight was a bad run but for some reason I knew it would be and although I didn't manage it today, that's fine! It had to stop about 3 times for about 30 sec each time due to stitch.

I should have run ths morning but for some reason when I was partly dressed in my kit, I decided that I couldn't face the dark morning and I got back into bed (shocking isn't it)

Anyway, I decided that as the nights are still fairly light I would go for a run after work, this was such a BAD mistake for the following reasons

1) I've only run after work once before and suffered terrible stitch - this time was no different.

2) I usually run on empty with a glass of water before setting off and although I had a light lunch today it still felt heavy when I set off.

3) I've now realised that I don't like running during rush hour :-D

4) The fact that it was rush hour meant I changed my route on the go to avoid being seen - bad idea and I ended up meeting lots of inclines.

5) I was running into a head wind which made me feel like I was running on the spot.

6) After my last run, despite trying not to think about speed, I tried to push myself too hard in the first 3/4 of a mile and at one point I was running 9 min/mile and then ran out of steam.

In total, I ran for 25 minutes, which I'm still quite pleased with considering all the above but I still didnt successfully completed W7R1 but will draw a line under today and try again on Friday MORNING :-)

As if it was punishment for a bad run, I ended up way to far from home and it took me a 20 minute walk to get back :-D

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Hey, as you say, it was a bad run but you have the right attitude. I failed the W6R3 as I had left it till the Sunday, rushed back from a trip, tried to hydrate myself but went out at midday on one of the hottest days of the year.

Needless to say I failed big style, it was the first run of the programme that I failed but I surprised myself by feeling not that fussed, reasoning there were three other 25min runs to do. I managed them fine.

If you normally go in the morning clearly that works for you but don't feel bad if you fancied more time in bed !! We all do !! Good luck for Friday, let us know how you get on ;-)


Sometimes we almost talk ourselves into a bad run before we shut the door behind us on the way out - we've all done it! One bad experience of running at a certain time of day on a certain amount of fuel and water and sleep, and history makes us think it's going to happen every time.

Other times we go out feeling great and thinking all will be well and it STILL turns into a bad run - we've all done this too! We set off too fast, as you did this one time, and before you know it, it is all a big struggle.

Each run is different, and that doesn't change no matter how long you have been at this game - it's just a matter of acceptance. A bad run is a bad run and the next one will (probably) be better or even FANTASTIC. Don't ever let a bad one put you off.

OOhhh, Judge Stern (an old blog of mine on here telling of a nightmare about what happens to people who miss runs) would have got you good for nipping back to bed half dressed in your running kit!!!!!



I would love to run in the mornings before work but not when its so dark out there!! That will have to wait until the spring/summer I think......

You still ran for 25 mins though Clare and there are 2 runs left to perfect it so you should still be pleased with yourself. Good luck for tomorrow morning; I'm sure you will be fine Sx


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