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W10R1: post-graduate running begins

Just a quick one tonight. I could not make my mind up what I was going to do, so I decided to go back to Laura and the W9 podcast. I was right to do that in the end. I changed the route and tried to do as before, keeping the speed up whilst keeping a good sense of ensuring I got through the 30 minute run. I enjoyed it too. Best of all, those times keep getting better and my 30 minute distance is almost 5.5k. Perhaps Thursday? On Sunday I intend to see what the C25k podcasts are all about. I will try them all and decide on a plan from there. I hear mixed views so I need to try before I buy.

Thanks for all the support on the blogs. Keep running!

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sounds like that was a good plan, Janda. I guess it's just a matter of working out what suits you and your current goals.

I read quite a few of the blogs over the weekend, and it seems the speed podcast is a really good one to do, I'll be doing it once a week and mixing in the BUPA 10K training for beginners (starting at W2) for the other 2 sessions each week, at least that is the current plan ;-)

Happy running!


Think you're in the same boat as quite a few of us 'new' graduates deciding what to do next. I just had a week or 2 using the W9 podcast but on one run did change my route and ended up doing 7km! I tried Speed yesterday for the first time. Sods law when the last sprint was just as I got to the bottom of a hill. Thought my lungs were going to burst by the time it finished!! :) Probably try out one of the others tomorrow.


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