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The Monster is well and truly slain

W8 or 9r3 done and vanquished my monster in the process. As I did w9 r1 in error (should have been w8) I'm doing w9 twice. I was going to do this route for my graduation run but it started to take on the aura of w5r3 or w6r1 and no way do I want to fail my proper grad run.

After running, all right, shuffling around my particular monster last Thursday I knew I'd have to do it in reverse and now I have :-) Even better, as is often the way, I did it and it was better than OK. I even got back into the village with minutes to spare so ended up running through to the far end. Luckily Laura said to stop just as I was running out of pavement and lighting. Didn't quite get my 5k tonight but in 36 mins (including the warm up 5 mins only as I switched Nike+ off as soon as I stopped) I did 5.52 k. Looking forward to the next 3 runs which will be the monster each way and then my, so far favourite route, on old rail tracks next Sat or Sun. Green badge here I come!

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Well done Annie! You must feel proud of yourself. personally i would have run the remaining week 8 runs, then onto week 9. No idea how fast I'm running-all I know is I set the ipod going and off i go! 30 minutes, so must be 5K. Good luck for your remaining runs :-)


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