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Bye, bye, week 3!

Actually started ENJOYING the running parts run 1&2 this week (week 3).

Todays run was rather unpleasant! Felt out of energy, dehydrated and too hot. Something was not quite right. I got through it anyway. Must of been one of those bad run days.

Although feeling rather unhappy after the run, to my big surprise when I logged my itinerary I found that I went a bit further than the previous times. A tiny bit of progress after all.

Looking forward to week 4.

Keep on going everyone, even when it's tough! We can do this!

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I have found that before as well. Sometimes you feel like you've had a bad run and when you look at it, you see that it felt harder because it was faster or further and you realise it was actually a GREAT run after all! Good luck with week 4


Me too. Some runs just haven't felt right but then you end up with new PB's. How does that work then? It just shows you that even if you think it's a bad run its still doing you good and we are lapping those on the couch :-)

Good luck with week 4...... It gets better & better.


Rollertoaster and Bongodrums are right, it often turns out to be a good result when it feels like a bad run. We all have up and down days, the key is to stick with it, as you did. It is great that you have started to enjoy the running, I think I also did around week 3 or 4.

Well done on your greater distance. I found that if I focused on the time, the distance creeps up on you ;-) Happy running!


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