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W7R1 and still not wearing tights!

Well time for another post by this 40 year old runner!

Must say I'm enjoying this running lark, I was shocked that last night I ran for 25mins without stopping! :) even better the rundouble man said I'd run 2.6 miles!!

I think the GPS is flattering me to be honest, but I'll take it :)

A good thing I've noticed with the running is my walking posture has improved I'm straighter. My walking stamina has improved a walk around York's walls (lots of stone steps) didn't even get me out of breath. I sleep better. All in all its a good thing! Also my weight is steadily dropping and my trousers are getting looser! will have lost 10Kg soon! not bad for this 6ft2 lump.

The girlfriend who got me into this mess ;) is still a week ahead and running 5K's Impressive lady :) we're going to do the York park run soon. To my surprise I'm not apprehensive I'm actually looking forward to it.

A few things I've discovered:

It seems to get easier as you go on as your fitness improves. Also try the next week before you think you need to repeat this week again. I thought that a couple of times but tried the first run of the following week and seemed to cope ok.

A thing I've found to help on the runs is (I tend to run the same route), and as I go I say to myself if you can get to this street you've done well, and slowly but surely I make my way around. Also keep setting a new target as you go, that lampost or post box or car as a target and try to get to it. I find this all helps.

On the equipment front I've been buying bits and pieces the Aldi running gear is excellent I have a nice fluorescent top my teenager thinks I look like a nob in :) but is nice and warm these cold nights and should stop me getting run over. A bargain was a waterproof phone case on a string I picked up in poundland and works brilliantly for a quid! but no tights I may get some shorts for the summer though.

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Well done.

I just managed not to complete W6R2 this morning...badly enough that I actually needed to lie down on the grass verge to recover shortly before the end of the last run. :(

I think my body works differently to almost everyone else's.

I've not been finding it easier though clearly i am getting fitter as mostly I've managed to keep up and complete the runs. I'm not sleeping better generally and I don't find myself feeling more energetic.

Not quitting though.


Aww keep at it :) , I think all the walking I normally do (upto to 5 miles a day!) has helped. Maybe slow down a little will help, getting out and going is better than staying on the sofa :) so its a win even if you didn't finish.


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