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Week 8 Run 2


I'd been online looking for 5k routes around town - I haven't lived here that long - and I noticed there's a footpath through the fields that is pretty much parallel with the road I've been running along. So today I figured I'd try that route. The path itself was alright, probably better than the road as there were no hills, however, what a time to pick to try a muddy footpath. The path was narrow and I spent a lot of time dodging puddles. Luckily I only passed one cyclist as it would have been a squeeze with any more people. When I finished I was more tired than I remember being after a run for weeks, and definitely more muddy! I guess it'll be weather dependent as whether I try the Nuns Walk again, but it's good to have n alternative.

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Ha - welcome to off roading!!! I always intend to do a road run, and then get lured by the thought of no traffic, softer running surfaces and better views. Consequently I am sure that I have probably covered a greater equivalent mileage than if I had run on road. Yes definitely more tiring and harder on foot fall . but usually my preference - especially if I return home splattered in mud and the odd scratch!! Its when there is a narrow path that means you have to run like you are treading on a white line it gets tricky!!



Haha! It certainly was an experience!


Oh never road run-what with all the pollution you inhale from car fumes etc., so I sympathise that your first off road run initiation seemed to be a poor one-but wait! it can't get any worse than that, and may be a lot better. Try it again Slater-you may find that second time round it will be better-don't forget you will know the territory next time :-)


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