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Moving to a treadmill for week 8 - any advice?

Hi - I'm on week 7 at the moment and have done all my runs outside. Next week we're going away for halfterm and I think I'll be on a hotel gym treadmill (unfamiliar city, probably very cold weather as well so not conducive to going out). I've never tried a treadmill - I think I'll find it very boring especially if the TV's in a foreign language, but I'll have to give it a go once or twice during our stay. I run very slowly I think (3.5k in 25 mins according to MapMyRrun). Is there any general advice about setting up the machine so I don't look a total numpty when I start off? Thanks!

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take it slow at first if you havent been on a treadmill before!

make sure that you incorporate the cool down walk at the end & slowly come to a stop. if you come off too soon you may feel a little sea-sick/giddy when you get off ~ well I did anyway the first few times on a treadmill.

if there is an incline on the machine set it at 0.5-1 degrees as this is supposed to mimic running outdoors.

a wet cloth to wipe the sweat from your brow! treadmills indoors are sooooo hot :)

& make sure you clip on the safety clip in case you need to stop quickly :)

good luck & have a great holiday X


Thank you Shelley! Slow won't be a problem :-)

I'll write down your advice about incline and take it with me.

I hope I don't find it too disorientating (giddy when getting off) as balance really isn't my strong point. Maybe I'll try to map an outdoor route as well before I go in case it's not snowing :-)

In the end I'm only away 5 days so I can catch up again if needed when I get back.


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