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Oops missed a week

After my hill slaying run on Thursday evening and a good day at work on Friday I was still on a high and so went out on Friday afternoon while it was still light enough to use the tracks. Due to an ipod blip and not having my (reading) glasses with me to sort it out I ended up running w9r1 instead of w8r1. I was well into the run before I realised something wasn't right but decided to carry on as far as I could. Well I did it - running for 30mins - me who had to do the whole of w1 twice, not because I was totally unfit, but because I really couldn't run! Went out early this morning in the dark and fog which felt amazing to run through. Decided to do a w9 run again as I'd managed it on Friday and did run for 30mins including my hill. Hopefully only 4 more runs before the green badge is mine

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That's great! I look forward to reading your graduation post soon :)


Fog, hills, unexpected extra running time! You are a real trooper! You will be a graduate in no time!


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