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I'm injured...arrggghhhhh!!!

I am sooooo peed off! My stupid left knee is stupidly injured and I haven't run since last Tuesday.. I am in a big mood about this. I've rested, done the ice / hot water bottle thing, even taken diclofenac left over from my last caesarean. And the pathetic joint won't get better. It hurts constantly even when resting. According to the nhs net doctor website thing this is a bad sign. Why oh why when I have finally found an exercise I enjoy and actually want to do does my stupid knee take it upon itself to get injured?

I think it might be related to the very heavy clutch in Barry (my battered old landy 110).

Very tempted to go out and try a run anyway tomorrow, it's only pain right?? Eeekkkk.....

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How frustrating! If you can bear leaving it a bit I would do so until you feel better - you may aggravate it and knees are complicated things. Better to go easy now and be able to run properly in a short while than really mess things up. Maybe you could work on core exercises which really help you run better, both to keep your goal in sight and make it easier to achieve? Good luck.


Recommend you rest up, I struggled with my knees, let them heel or they will only get worse :-(



Yep, if it's hurting even when you aren't running I would def recommend you do NOT run, as Phil72 says. It's a hard lesson to learn but you mustn't make things worse and be off the road for even longer...pain is a message from your body. You could try some none impact fast swimming as an alternative for a few days.



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