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5x50 day 43

Today was nice in Aberdeen so felt I should do gardening. Don't mind gardening but I have a stupidly big garden and it's rather daunting to after 4 hours of weeding I really didn't fancy doing my cycle today. But I went to the gym and did 17k. Now clocked up 400k and rather chuffed with myself. I plan to get to 500 by the end of the challenge. Have a busy week so it will be a challenge in itself.....

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I did 5 km walk with hubby today at Loch Achility (near Contin, Ross-shire). We chose this walk that goes through an oak woodland as a 'photo shoot' to snap the autumn colours. We were lucky to get some sunshine and strange clouds which we photographed reflected on the wee lochan at the edge of the woods.

I've shared a few photos of the day on Flickr:


Where are we now? Lost the day, I've managed 4k so far today but am now on a train heading to London. Hopefully I'll somehow get the last bit done this evening. It would be annoying to not complete a day this close to the end.


Now on 44 (hurrah!) did 15k on gym bike BORED of the bike. I want to run and walk!! Will complete the challenge on the bike just to finish it but think will do the rowing machine to keep fitness up until I can don those running shoes again....

Am doing Glasgow and back on Wednesday so def not be doing anything then but it can't be helped.

Enjoy London...or is it work related?


Work but I get to visit my friend and I have tomorrow morning free. I hope to go to the British Museum as its near where I need to be in the afternoon.


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