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How many beats per minute in the Week 9 music?

Hi all!

I'm very bad at counting these things, so I'll just ask: Does anyone know about how many beats per minute are in the Week 9 music?

I'm a recent graduate -- finished only Wednesday -- and my only post-grad run thus far has continued to use the Week 9 podcast. I listened to "Stepping Stone" last night, though, and am planning to use it soon as my first 5K+ podcast.

Since Stepping Stone starts at 150 bpm, then goes up to 155 and 160 bpm, I naturally wondered what the pace was for Week 9. Is it 150 bpm? Slower? Faster?

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Great question, I was wondering this myself today as i have no idea how pace translates into BPM. Sorry I don't have the answer, just eagerly awaiting any responses! :)


You can tap in time to the music on this site to find out the bpm:


If you go to you can type in the title of a song and it will tell you the BPM and the rough pace - though obviously only for actual popular recorded music.

For example, it says Hey Ya! by Outkast is 160 BPM which correlates to a 9 minute mile. (though of course this will depend on stride length)


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