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5x50 Day 42

Second last Sunday tomorrow.

Did a bit of cycling this afternoon. I also treated myself to a 10K runner app.

Once this is done I need a new goal so I will go back to my running and press on towards 10K runs.

I think the longest I have done before is 9.6.

Hopefully the weather will be better for the last week and it will actually be enjoyable and not a chore.

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Getting excited for day 50! I did a 20k on gym bike, but REALLY missing running and how I feel after a run. I downloaded a 10k app, which 1 did you get and have you had a listen? Know what you mean about needing a new goal. Mine is the Moonwalk though how the hell I'm going to manage to train for that with this flipping heel is beyond me! Treadmill staring at me as I type, taunting me!


10K Runner it's called. It's 0-5-10k. I'll probably start it around week 9.


Five km walking for me today. Nothing too exciting or strenuous. just ambling along.


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