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Week 3, Run 3 - done but felt it a bit :(

Hi All - well that's week 3 finished just now but for the first time was starting to feel it a bit towards the end of the session. Could it be anything to do with ...ahem... "lady fun week" about to start (sorry lads if too much information :)).

Slightly apprehensive about starting week 4 on Monday but of course will give it a go and rise to the challenge. Just might knock the "run" speed down from 5mph to 4.5mph and see how it goes for starters.

Any other girls out there find it a little harder at the time of the month?

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Hi cat lover sue,

Yes! I found it really took it out of me during "that" week.

I finished w3 r3 today. I too am a bit worried about week 4. I will not be put off though...(even though I have listened ahead on the podcast...something I never do!) I'm trying to keep positive. Knowing I now have two days rest now, really helps!


Hi Becks - just started week 4 and its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Hope you get on ok with it. x


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