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W6r3 and I'm smiling

Went out in the dark of the early morning to take w6r3 by the balls. I'd struggled with the first run of this week but really enjoyed today. I kept going and my only disappointment was not planning my route carefully enough so had reached my front door with 5 minutes still to go. I just turned round and kept on going! I much preferred the uninterrupted run to the stop start of run one this week. Have had a glowing face, slightly aching thighs and a grin like a Cheshire Cat all day. Woohoo!

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Well done you! It's w6 when you start to feel like you're getting somewhere. Next week all longer runs when you learn to find your rhythm. Good luck :)


Hi Willnevie, it sounds amazing :-). I'm doing W6R1 tomorrow and after everyone's comments about how awful it is, I face it with great trepidation. I allowed my W5R3 to run over and I caught the plan for W6 and wondered what on earth everyone was going on about as it sounded rather tame to me after non-stop 20 minutes. Hmmm,,, so obviously something about changing from non-stop to start and stop is the difficulty. Well, I'm pleased to read that by the 3rd run you're going great guns. Well done and enjoy the cheshire cat feeling - woooohoooooo :-), Sara


Thanks Sara hope its a good run for you. I'm trying to stay in the zone as I fear I'm Adair weather girl and the dark and cold are all the excuses I need to not go out. But at the moment I'm raring to go. Good luck to you. Keep on running! :)


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