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Parcel delivery men!

I ordered myself some lovely new bits from SportsDirect, and they were due to arrive today. So I waited in all day, before work in the evening, and thought if my parcel doesn't arrive before 3pm, I'm going to have to go for my run so I'm back in time to get ready for work, and just hope they don't deliver it while I'm out.

So I waited and waited and waited. 3pm arrived, but no parcel. So off I went, without my new kit, for my run. I was ridiculously nervous - today was week 5 run 3, the dreaded 20 minutes. I'd been thinking about this all week. Ever since my last run I'd been obsessing about it, planning my route, engineering it to avoid hills and uneven pavements (that's something I've found since starting the program - I've learned to appreciate a beautifully evenly laid pavement!). And now it was time. So off I went.

A number of times, while Laura was telling me how brilliantly I was doing, I weirdly found myself welling up, and thinking yes, Laura, you're right, I'm doing amazing well - all the while a little lump forming in my throat... couldn't tell you why this was something to feel teary about but there you go!

The time flew by (unlike me, who shuffled) and despite the aching legs, the uncontrollable panting, and the stitch I seem to get the minute I leave the house, I made it! 20 minutes! Me!

Beaming from ear to ear I staggered home, feeling great. Got into the house and found the card the deliveryman had left, to say he'd called but I'd not been in. Typical!

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Your blog made me smile, especially the part about appreciating a beautifully evenly laid pavement! :-) Only the other day my OH and I decided to walk to the post office (which is part of my running route) and no word of a lie, I actually pointed out how uneven the pavement was and how that particular spot made my running more difficult :-)

Well done on completing week 5, 20 minutes feels like such an achievement. I'm a couple of runs ahead of you and have the 25 mins of W6R3 to look forward to on Sunday


Yep, so typical isnt it?! I hope you get it in time for your next run....

Well done on the 20 mins - its a great feeling isnt it when you complete your first "long"run and if you are emotional now imagine how you will be when you graduate!! For so many of us it's something we never, ever thought we would be able to do and with all the wonderful support on here too its a real journey of discovering ourselves and what we are able to achieve when we put our mind and body to it.

Enjoy W6 and good luck ! Sue x


Waiting in for a delivery person has to be one of the most irritating experiences ever! I hate it, and know how frustrating it is to get that stupid card in the postbox. Luckily we have nice neighbours here who can keep it which saves a trek to the big post office.

You are absolutely right about the pavements too; a lot of ones near me have trees. The roots have "buckled" the pavements quite severely and it's a tough surface to run on but it reminds me to pick up my feet more when I'm running.

Well done on your week 5 run 3; I graduated nearly 2 weeks ago, and I still remember doing mine!

Good luck for week 6 - I hope you get to use your new sports gear!


Excellent running. Well done. If you can do the W5R3 you can complete this programme. Best of luck with week 6.


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