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w3r3 completed (mustn't talk to delivery drivers)

I completed W3 today in my first non-rainy day for a while. It has been pretty eventful so far. Mrs MarkyD accompanied me on W3r1 so it was nice to have someone to chat to. First time we've run together for a while, and now she has a frozen shoulder and the consultant has told her to not run for a bit (excuses, excuses).

Anyway, I get stopped by delivery drivers every week asking where to find their next drop, and I habitually take out my ear buds when talking to them. I was near the end of the last 3 minute run, and when he had driven off I continued running. Next time I heard Laura talking I was at the end of the 'cool down' period, so I must have run for 6 minutes... not bad for an overweight newbie.

Can't wait for W4r1 and no doubt the music will get even better :-~

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Well done, Marky! Every run you do you must dread a delivery vehicle pulling up next to you and think 'not again'!

Wait while you get to week eight, for the Julie song! Well done on completing week three and good luck for W4R1!


Way to go, MarkyD!


well done...but must be annoying to be broken out of your zone with delivery questions!!! great progress :)


Must be my friendly face that attracts them ???


well done, but maybe change your route ? lol


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