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I ran for 5 minutes!

It's taken me a while to get to Week 4 Run 1. Have had to repeat Week 3 several times due to illness (had a chest infection/cough for over 2 weeks) and really painful calfs/swollen ankles but have finally managed to get to Week 4! Up till recently I have been running with an app on my phone which doesn't come with music and just has a voice to tell you when to walk/run but I have now got an mp3 player so can use the podcasts. Having music to distract you is much better :P

Anyway managed to to complete the whole of Week 4 Run 1 and I felt so proud of myself for running for a whole 5 minutes. Before I started C25K I would never have dreamed of running this far.

Only downside is both me and my 10 year son are doing a Fun Run on the 3rd of November, which I signed up for a while ago as an incentive but injury and illness have delayed training. I know I won't make the 5k but will at least be able to run some of it and earn some money for our chosen charity, Epilepsy Research UK.

I have been really inspired by a thread on another forum about someone who lost 5 Stone and has been able to run a marathon after 22 weeks of training from a complete beginner so I will be toughening myself up. If they can do it s can I :)

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Well done, you are doing great! It is hard to stay motivated when you are poorly, so well done for sticking with it and coming out the other side stronger!

5 minutes is a great milestone and you have a couple more weeks before your charity run - it doesn't matter about running the whole of it, you can use one of your podcasts (wherever you have got to) and mix running and walking. Just getting out and doing 5K is an achievement, however you do it. Go for it! :-D


Well done you. You're a good example of how having some guts and determination leads to great achievement! I'm looking forward to being able to say I can run for 5 minutes at a time. Good luck for the next few weeks and enjoy being able to get round the 5k course however you do it! x


Well done and good luck with your Fun Run, some taining is better than none and I am sure that you will make it round with a mix of walk/run. You may even surprise youself. Not sure how anyone can go from ziltch to marathon in 22 weeks though! can only guess they must have been reasonably fit in the firts place.

Let us know ho wth Fun Run goes!!


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