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Smhall & gdeann are MIA!!!! What's a ghoul to do??

:-) Ya gotta love me!!!! :-) I'm about as corny as they come! ;-) Sorry smhall and myself have been MIA this week! Steve is gone on a business trip and I have been busy doing all the lovely stuff a domestic goddess with kids and grandkids do... PLUS! It's HALLOWEEN TIME! My very favorite time of the year! I have been decorating and shopping! Shhhh.....don't tell Steve! See what happens when he leaves for a week? :-)

Post grad updates! Due to conflicting schedules and miscellaneous crap, we are only averaging about 1 run per week. :-( This will soon change (hopefully) when Steve gets back home. During the program, we made it a priority to run...we need to do it again.

We did commit to a couple of 5k's! One 5K will be in the evening and it is Halloween themed so we can dress up! The other 5K will be the following weekend. We don't have parkruns here so every 5K is usually for charity etc. Its nice to know we are helping in some way, but this can get kinda expensive! :-) always, we NEED more running gear...goodies...all the stuff that makes us cool runners. :-)

I am still fighting the hip/knee pain. I tried running a few nights ago without the brace and only made it 8 minutes. :-( Time to probably go see a doc... I am doing all the homeopathic stuff which seems to help a bit... cherry juice, ginger, anti-inflammatory meds. Steve use to bring me cute little gifts or flowers when he went on a business trip. Last week he returned with a tube of deep penetrating pain relief cream. :-) I'm down about not being able to run well...but this too shall pass...I just need to try and keep a good attitude compared to using the dratted F word... _ailure... Its depressing to know I have came this far to now not be able to progress like I want. Okay, pity party over! :-)

Looks like everyone is doing FANTASTIC! :-) CONGRATULATIONS to all of the new grads!!! :-)

I promise to check in more often, I am still reading most of the blogs, just not posting like I know even though I am still somewhat MIA, I'm still checking up on you!!!! :-)

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Hey gdeann, I was wondering where you guys went! So sorry you're still in a bit of pain and that you haven't been out to run as much ,but brilliant that you are still super motivated!

Can I also just say how jealous I am of your Halloween activities?! I really wish the UK went all out for Halloween like you do in the States.

I'm about to do my third post-grad run; going to try to stepping stones podcast, so more Laura and rubbish music :)


Hi, gdeann, thought you'd abandoned us for another programme! Sorry to hear about your knee, hope it gets better soon and you and your oh can get out on the road again. Hallowe'en sounds great, we don't celebrate until 31st October and then it sounds pretty tame compared to your activities! Have fun!


Used to love Halloween when the kids were small, making them costumes and gong trick and treating with them (just to make sure all was ok) Not even had anyone call at the door for 2 years, even though get some goodies in!

As for the running, hope your knee gets better soon. Mine is getting much better now, having some twinges, but seems ok while running. Hope to Grad soon, only 2 more to go!!


Hello again! I was wondering where you two had gone. Good luck with your aches and pains, sorry to hear. Have a ball with Halloween!!



Good to hear from you Gayle and liking the new picture - is that Steve the Skeleton with you?! Sorry to hear about your continuing pains and it looks like you may indeed need to go and see a doctor now as its been a while.

Good luck with the 5K's and the Halloween celebrations!

Sue x


Nice to hear from you! We have been decorating for Halloween this weekend too - I made the fatal mistake last year of buying peanut butter cups ahead of time - now I buy the candies the day before!!

I am sorry to hear about your knee. It is horrible and frustrating not to be able to run because of pain. I have gout and the first time that I started the programme (in old runners), my knee got hurt which triggered some sort of gouty/arthritis attack and it was miserable. I too drink cherry juice and eat cherries in any form. Good luck with the doctor if you decide to go and good for you keeping your spirits up! Don't give up! we are all here.

Another thing that worked for me was the "electrical impulse treatment" (Dr Ho's), I put it on all the time and still do if I am sore, it really makes a difference.

I look forward to hearing about your runs once Steve is back!



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