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startes this program todayW 1

I have decided to join this group to help track my progress I started this past summer walking 2k and then I went to 5k and now i am training between 7.5k to 10.5k. I find that it is getting a lot easier doing the 10.5 and i feel I am ready to go to 15k, it is alot of fun and i have all ready lost 32 pounds and i am not dieting just eating the right food. in between runs I am on a paddle team for a long boat two times a week and i am in the pool twice a week. I feel i am getting stronger and alot happier just being me. Cant wait to run my first marathon. I thought i would share my info.

cheers everyone and happy running

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Good work - you're really going for it, aren't you! Well done on the weight loss and looking forward to hearing how you get on in your marathon.


wow, you are making great progress in changing your lifestyle, well done! Look forward to hearing how you get on with the training, good luck :-)


Let me add my good wishes and admiration for your ambition and determination! It sounds as though you've made up your mind to be fitter and healthier! Good luck!


hi all, i am back to tell u i am still training at 10.5 km a days and getting it down to 59 min, my body is doing okay all though both my knees ache and i feel like my neck wants to chock me and it seems i want to drop and roll on the ground to get rid of the pain, so i just slow down to a quick walk until goes away, I am determined to get to my 21 kms and have it done in timely fashion. can anyone suggest a good running shoe that would be comfortable and also would give good foot support, the weather is pretty wet and getting colder, we live on the wet coast,hence all the it feel if you dress for the occassion you can make it, i run along the ocean and the wind can be very strong and so you need more energy to run against it,it can be alot of fun,. Well folks would love to hear more about your experiences, Take care and God Bless. .


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