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W8R3 - Will this ever end????

I finally made it through run 3 tonight. I was supposed to do it on Sunday but failed three time to make it past 10 minutes without shooting pain in my lower back above my left leg.

So I took it really steady tonight and managed a very slow but steady 28 minutes....just. Pain again in my lower back right at the end but it has gone now I've stopped running.

I rather naively thought that all this was within my capabilities right through week 5. Nothing was really that hard but since W6R2, everything has been a struggle. I'm trying to fight through it but really don't feel as though I'm getting any fitter or that runs are feeling any easier. If anything they feel worse each time I actually manage one. How on earth am I supposed to achieve week 9? Definitely changing my route again to see if that makes a difference!

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I'm glad you made it through week 8 Fraz and I hope you're fit and well for week 9. I have to confess that I'm having to psych myself up for my first of week 8 tomorrow, maybe it's just something to do with being so close to the goal, makes it harder ?


Hope you had a good time in the States Chewy. I dunno, I've just lost all my motivation since the injury, like the wind has gone right out of my sails. What was a pleasure is fast becoming a chore I have no confidence in and have to force myself to do. But why?


Why not leave an extra day of rest, Fraz? You managed your 28 mins which is a great achievement considering your pain. You can do it, but there's no rush to finish the programme!


I agree with oona. Take extra time. It is not a race to the finish. The longer runs really took it out of me, me legs were in a constant state of ache! (in fact they still are and I haven't run since Sunday) so maybe more rest days will help. You WILL do it, you have come so far. Even if you need to take a step back in the programme to go forwards, do not worry. This programme is not about 9 weeks, it is about training you to make a lifestyle change forever.

Keep us updated!


Well done. Don't rush if you've an injury. I knows it's frustrating but best to take a day or two rest before going on.


I'm in the extra rest camp. You need to have a good rest, give it a chance to heal and then go and have a good run. When I was really poorly a couple of weeks ago (and my broken toe) I just went for an exploratory run to see how far I could go - that way, I didn't set myself up for the 'f' word. As it happened, I was able to push through to the 28 minutes (or 25, I can't remember where I was), but that was after a week off.

My point is (sorry, even more waffly than usual tonight), that you need to give it a chance and set yourself up for success - if you say to yourself "I'm going to run for to give myself a shakedown and see how everything feels" it doesn't matter how long your run for, so it's a success. If you run just for 10 minutes its a success . If you run for 5 minutes, that's fine, you must listen to your body if anything is seriously injured (not just wimping out, of course). But if nothing serious is going on, then you push through for longer.

The other thing to remember is that you have already run 28 minutes. Three times. You have only 2 minutes more to run and you can and will do it when the time comes. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon


The longer runs seem to really tax some of us. Since week 9 I have had bad knee/hip pain to the point I tried running without my brace and only made it 8 minutes...kinda deflating for this grad...I do agree with everyone, take it slow and don't over will get there no matter how frustrated you are feeling now... I am getting ready for a grad party in the near future!!! ;-) What color party hats do you want? :-)


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