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Anyone interested in keeping a support 'thread' going for winter/snow jogging?

Through everyone's wonderful stories of where they live, I've noticed quite a few of us are pondering the challenge of winter running (with or without the added delight of snow). We all have various bits of knowledge and experience vis a vis kit to wear, running style in different conditions etc.

I'll start by recommending some shoe grips for snow/icy conditions I read about on a Runner's Blog I came across: they're called Yaktrax Pro - the Pro bit's important because the normal ones are just for everyday walking about and aimed at those nervous about walking out of their houses in winter. Sooooooooo - anyone else interested in sharing their knowledge to help those absolute beginners amongst us feel a little more confident about maintaining the pace...?

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I'm pretty much a beginner too so don't have a great deal to offer unfortunately. But winter weather is definitely one of my concerns. So although I can't give advice, I may well lurk around to see what I can learn from the more seasoned runners. :)


Hi Hezzabelle - I guess it's not so much what to wear etc. rather than just keeping each other going and motivated throughout the 'grims'. Let's see if anyone else gets involved... if not, we can just keep each other motivated. Where are you in the world... are you expecting to be running in snow? I am and I'm a bit nervous about getting the get up and go - I don't have a treadmill at home...


Hi psarapsych,

I'm in Middlesbrough in the north east of England. So winters can be grim. Definitely snow, ice, slush, rain....

Where are you?

I'm determined that after all the work I'm putting into this program, I'm not gonna let it slide because of the weather. But yes, a treadmill would make it a lot more bearable but that's not an option for me either.

I'll definitely keep checking back for a bit of morale support tho. I have a feeling I'll need it in the deep dark depths of winter.


Hi Hezzabelle, I'm in Austria. I read a blog by an expert runner where he talked about running along the Grand Union Canal in the snow and how beautiful it was. He also said how much easier it was on the feet and knees to have such a soft cushion. However, I think for most of us the reality will be exactly as you describe: ice, slush and rain. I feel exactly the same about not letting the weather keep me away from running. We'll beat it :-)


Now that sounds really nice. Running in fresh crisp snow. Putting the first footprints in it. Feeling the inner warmth of a comfortable run on a lovely fresh brisk morning. The world to yourself for 30 mins. Listening to the crunching snow beneath your feet...

Yeah I think I might have a slightly romanticised view of winter running...

The reality is probably more like stomping through slush, skidding on ice patches, sweat, snot and wheezing, freezing rain and cold, wet and numb extremities.

Sigh... I can dream..... Lol


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