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Week 7. Is this success

I run to my halfway/turning-back point and then allow myself twenty/thirty seconds walking where I take two deep breathsand then run back. I have done this 4 times. I know it takes me time to get my breathing sorted and the run back is comparatively easy. I thought that tomorrow I would try a circular route to see if this helped and see if I could move up to 28 minutes. Part of me thinks that this is now more psychological but am I cheating or should I accept that I am achieving success?

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no idea as i have alwasy run more of a circular route and as i got further on in the program from time to time i had to increase y route, which was nice as i could see my progress. but if you are doing a halfway turning point you will still see how much further you get.

maybe try it and see?

you are achieving sucess as you are going through the program. dont ever doubt that. you will complete the program !

it definatey was psychological for me to keep going for 28 min. but i did it and so will you


Thanks, totalbeginner. Going to try it tomorrow. By the way is it time you changed your name? You've done it and I'm determined to succeed as well.


It sounds successful to me! Pausing for a few seconds like that is probably less time than it takes to cross the road, which is something lots of us have to pause for.

The challenge now is as much mental as it is physical, as Laura would tell us. You mentioned that the run back is comparatively easy, which is a good sign. I would go for it and do the 28 minutes. We are usually more more ready than we think we are! Laura knows best. :-)


Thanks, arablue. It's a lot about confidence isn't it? I'll have a go at 28 minutes. A friend who is a runner says we shouldn't be afraid of the "w" word ie walking. I guess it's better to walk for 20 /30 seconds than to give up! Thanks again. I'll go for it tomorrow.


hehehe about changing the username - i still feel a total beginer compared to some of you other guys!

anyway how would you all know its still me!

if the turnaround route has worked so far then carry on. you can always vary when you graduate :)


I did the 25minute run yesterday. It was tough, but I got there. Which means that I must do what I promised myself and move up to 28minutes on the next one.

Hope you got on ok with yours! :-)


Well...I planned a circular route but didn't realise that after 2 mins there was a very steep hill. I managed to jog up about half but then paused my runkeeper and walked briskly up the rest, started runkeeper again and did do 28 mins in all. It's a good route but I'll definitely start at the top of the hill next time if I do that route again! I decided to move up to week 8 for the extra challenge. Sure you can do it. Look forward to hearing how you do.


That's brilliant! And as for the walking bit, going briskly uphill is hard enough. Well done for completing the 28 minutes!


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