Is it so hard to say Good Morning?

Some runners seem to find it just too too difficult. It's not so bad when they're coming towards you; you can see the effort being made and I tend to make allowances. A grimace, an eyebrow raise, even a faint twitch will do.

But it does hack me off a bit when they overtake me, I say a cheery-ish Good Morning and get naff-all in return. Some great hulk thudded past me this morning without so much as a by-your-leave. Passers by were treated to my Good Morning, Good Morning? The best to you each Morning?? routine, and then several iterations of two fingers waved at unresponsive hulk's departing back.

Really, is it so hard to manage a bit of basic politeness?

Oh, and I ran for 1 hour, 5 mins and did 10.3K. Yay!! Good morning!!!!


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  • Running for 1h 5m and doing 10.3k... that IS a good morning!!

    The chances of me overtaking anyone are slim, and I confess I am more concerned with breathing when I'm running, but I do smile and nod at most people I see out and about, runners or not.

    I tend to have my headphones in as it helps me think less about each footfall and more about the music, but I smile at all and sundry. :-)

  • I say Good Morning or Hi to people I pass, and love the double take of people that know me, with that look of "Is that really you running?" on their faces

  • I am with you on this..think it's rude! Doesn't take a lot to smile (grimace), say good morning..a nod will do or raising of hand...just an acknowledgment.

    Well done in your run 10k in 65 mins that's great!!!! :)

  • People are rubbish sometimes, I try saying it extra loud if it looks like they are avoiding eye contact :-D

    On the plus side, last two runs I passed different groups of teenage boys down the canal towpath and contrary to expectations all of the first group high fived me and on the next run I had a short conversation about how far so far and how far to go and I was earning the tick on my chest (Nike tick!).

    life !

  • There was a big thread on this subject on the Runners World forum, loads of runners say they just lose themselves on a run and don't mean to be rude but round here (South Wales) you would be considered a bit weird if you didnt at least nod hello!

  • Im with you Ned. doesnt take any effort really to just say hello when you pass someone. not that Ive ever passed anyone running but when I was overtaken by the fit family a little while ago, not one of them even acknowledged me & I felt like a little squashed snail :(

    if someone steps aside to let me pass then I will always say thankyou although I must either be very heavy footed or a heavy breather for them to hear me coming.

    & dog-walkers are always such a friendly bunch. I wish I could say the same for joggers.

    & Ned, well done on your run. brilliant time :)

  • There is one runner who passes me quite often and never replies, but I shall keep saying 'Good Morning, until I get a response! Everyone else I have met along the way have been lovely which more than makes up for this individual. :)

  • Thanks everyone; I'm glad it's not just me! I shall persist in saying Good Morning and try to think happy thoughts about any churls who don't respond.

  • Have to agree, it's nice to be sociable although yes I understand some runners do zone out. The first time another runner greeted me was the moment I felt like a proper runner rather than when Laura told me so. Congrats on a great time Oldned, and good afternoon to you. :-)

  • Thanks notbad, and good morning to you. Keep on running!

  • Oh my! How rude! Even when I'm in my car on the way to work and I overtake a runner I say 'Hello fellow runner!' even though I'm totally totally jealous because I am on the way to work and they are OUT RUNNING! Grrrr! P.S. Not that they hear me of course but I still have to do it!

  • Thanks Pelephant. I don't talk to them but I must admit I do take much more notice of runners than I used to. Many of us worried at the start about looking foolish, but that was long since overtaken by the realisation that there are lots of us out there and we're all faster & fitter than the folks still on the couch!

  • I always smile and say hello when I meet anyone on a run. I want everyone to think I am having a great time and not struggling (even if I am!). Like you I get cross if people don't respond. I have found that horse riders and dog walkers are the friendliest. Other runners usually manage at least a nod. Around here a lot of the locals in cars will wave especially if they know me, even to see. However cyclists are the grimmest, grumpiest and most miserable lot. I wonder if all that lycra is constricting them too much! :-0 Those of you who cross train - surely cycling can't be that bad! :-)

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