I've just done WK1R2 this morning and it was good, hard but good. After it my legs ached, like REALLY ached, I could't get in the bath quick enough!!!! Feel a good bit better now but just wondered if they are going to be this a lot, like toothache in the legs! lol.

I know what i'm asking my body to do is alien to it so I should expect the aches.....?????

Just tell me it gets better and i will be happy!

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  • Well done! Glad you are enjoying it. My legs ached at first (just completed W5, Run 3) but I found that stretching after a run really helps. Also just discovered compression socks and they work a treat for me. Keep going, I promise it gets easier - if someone had said to me six weeks ago that I could run for 20 minutes without stopping I would have laughed in their face. It definitely gets better, stay happy and enjoy the programme :)

  • Thank you! and running for 20 mins ...im not even gony think about that just now.. one minute is enough! I'm contemplating repeating Week 1 but dont know how to judge if I need to or not??

    I will have to research some good stretches as I have noticed that everyone on this forum says how much it helps after a run. Thanks for repling x

  • Regarding whether to repeat stuff or not, I don't know what others do but personally I'm going to keep going until I hit a point where I can't complete something, and then decide what to do, otherwise I'll keep repeating stuff not thinking I'm good enough to do the next one.

  • Hi lilacbutterfly, Do you do stretching exercises after a run? My legs ache if I do not do them as soon as I stop running and before my cool down walk. It really is essential to stretch to prevent injury.

    Well done for starting on the programme, you'll never regret it because there are so many benefits coming your way!

  • I haven't done stretching after I run and at the risk of sounding really stupid, what are the best kind of stretches to do and how long/how many? It's interesting you saying you do them before your cool down walk because this morning the tops of my thighs were tight at the end of my run and I stopped and tried to stretch it out( pulling my leg up behind me,foot touching bum) just seemed like that was what felt right, then I done the cool down walk. Any suggestions welcome.

  • I think we all had aching everything but that's normal when you're exercising under-used muscles.

  • Back again! Use this link to get to some of the stretching exercises:


    Once there you will find more links. Have you considered compression underwear? TK Max had some very cheap ones last week.

    Try to hang in there - the aches will ease off soon. You are asking a lot of your body in a short space of time and it is complaining at you. But it will stop it as you start to become stronger - truthfully!

  • Thanks for helping!

  • Try these stretches. nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... They may seem like overkill, but soon become part of your routine and they really do help to avoid aches and injury. I was told by a physio that aching, when you start new exercise regime is inevitable, but the aches certainly diminish over time. Good luck. Go for it!

  • Thanks for the link! I had a look and am really familiar with a few of them, I used to do lots of aerobics...back in the day when it was just aerobics...now you've got a whole menu of bums,tums combat,piloxing....lol God I feel old! I will definately do them and thanks again!

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