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Wk7 Nightmare is over in happy WK8 land

Well I'm glad to delete week 7 podcasts.

I don't know what it was I just struggled. So for anyone else suffering from the dreaded week 7 virus, just stick with it, go slower, change your route - anything - I tried all sorts just get to a point where I could kiss goodbye to it.

So yesterday I moved on to WK8 R1...OMG.....the trepidation. So the plan was to go as slow as possible (without stopping of course) stick with the pace, hold my head up and not care what other people think, stop trying to speed up or pretend to be breathing OK when passing other people (who are walking may I add). As I have a face like a beacon, trying to mask my gasps for breath ain't gonna make me appear any better/fitter.

And it worked.... and I enjoyed it, as much as the music stinks I'm back with Laura and when we'd finished our 28 minutes I flung my arms up in the air!?! What was all that about but I couldn't stop myself.

I'm way off 5k, measured yesterdays jogging part ( and it was about 3.5k and an extra 2 minutes ain't gonna make up the shortfall before graduation, so I'll just have to think about jogging for 30 minutes rather than the 5k.

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Good for you subhyst! You are so close to graduation... running for 28 minutes! As for distance, I think that you should concentrate on the fact that you just ran for 28 minutes straight. Would you have believed it 8 weeks ago?

Congrats on being in week 8!


Thanks I know it's not about distance, but some day I'm gonna have to do as I'm planning a 5k fundraising run. Fingers crossed


Well done subhyst!! I knew you could do it. We have had very similar week 7's I struggled with the first 2 runs but kept trying and finally smashed through that pesky wall!! I'm due to do my W8R1 either tonight if time allows or tomorrow and feel relieved to be moving forward. Good luck with your next run x


Good for you Cocospeedy - I'm definitely going to vote week 7 as the worst. Take it easy, I've just done R2 this a.m and I was a bit tired but it was OK, so bring on my rest day.


I also had week 7 virus. So I moved onto week 8. Don't know what that was about but lost my motivation and finding it harder to get out there in the gloom after a tiring day at work. Can see the end in sight and the change in music motivated have invested in new running shoes...dare I get them muddy? Already looking at 5k+


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