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From woohoo to boohoo :( wk6r1

Having experienced the elation of completing week 5 I set off this morning to begin week 6. I was awful. My arms felt heavy I couldn't get into my stride and I feel a failure. I didn't like the stop start nature of today's run and found it harder than last weeks continuous one. Will try again to achieve run 1 of this week. Did anyone else feel like this??

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Don't be too down hearted, most people struggle with week 6 after completing the last run of week 5. I'm sure you'll feel much better next time.


congratulations on running for 20mins. what a milestone :)

if its any consolation I found this run one of the hardest in the plan, apart from the first few runs of course.

I think it is going back to intervals as I had the same problem with the first week of the bridge to 10k program. I could run for 45 mins but no way could I manage 4 x 10mins.

I know it doesnt make any sense that on your last run you ran for 20 mins so this one should have been easier ~ well thats what my head told me anyway.

I also think that the plan goes back to intervals, making it hard again for some, to stop us being too over-confident & causing us an injury. I have read that you shouldnt increase speed or mileage by over 10% a week.

dont worry too much about this run. put it down to experience & possibly your body still recoving from 20 mins & look forward to run 2. I bet it will be fine!



Huge numbers of us felt like this! I think in our heads we think going back to intervals MUST be easier but then conversely our legs are still bound to be tired from the amazing achievement of running non stop for 20 mins! Well done on doing it, you are doing brilliantly!


Yes! I hated week 6. Feel free to take a look at my whinging about that week in my blogs.

But I turned it around in week 7 and last night, I graduated with my best run to date! So, I'm sure for you it will be woohoo to boohoo to woohooooooo!

Let us know how you get on :)


The first run of week 6 is a real downer, especially after the high of week 5 run 3. Keep it going, it gets better :)


Yep...what everyone else said!!! I agree!! The return to intervals was an incredible slap in the face for me.

I have a bit of a different take on why it happens, though. During that 20 minute run we were allowed to find a comfortable pace, to settle into it and then to just "cruise." With the return of intervals, I found that everytime I had settled in and was ready to 'cruise," it would be time to walk. My body would slow, my breathing would slow, by heart rate would slow and then, "GO" and it was off to the races again. The repeated start, stop, start, stop won't allow our bodies to settle into a nice pace and "hit our stride."

Ok, I am off of my soapbox now! Suffice it to say, you aren't alone!!! KEEP RUNNING!!!


I completed wk5 run3 on sunday and loved it but as everyone else has said wk6 run1 (which i did tonight) was a nightmare. I thought it'd be fine but it really was quite difficult.

having said that I managed to run 8 minutes up hill (so far i've only done down hill) so an acheivement of sorts.

I'm hopefully run3 will feel great after the intervals returning for runs 1 & 2.


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