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Wk6r3 stutter - annoyed with myself

Just back from Wk6r3 - my first "non interval" run outside (I had to do Wk5r3 on a treadmill due to work commitments) - and I have had my first fail, although I am trying to think of it as a stutter!!

Annoyed that I allowed myself to walk for about 8 paces abut 6 mins running (I've run through that on previous interval runs) then again for about 15 paces after 15 mins when the little voice in my head that always used to tell me I needed to stop & have a rest returned (I haven't heard from him in the past 6 weeks!!!)

My breathing seemed to be all over the place until about the last 8 mins of my run (which I finished well!!)

Just checked on MapMyRun and I did 4.36km in total (and I cut off my cool down walk by 2 mins) - maybe the pace was a bit too quick for me.

Laura's comments during my cool down stretches of "you are now a runner" sounded a bit empty to me - I think a rerun is required on Monday.

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OK so you didnt do that run "by the book", but that is still a damn good effort, and it seems like you have identified your own solution, possibly going out too fast, so now you know to pace yourself better next time.

You are making excellent progress, you should be really really proud.

The only fail is a failure to get out there and try.

Look forward to your next post x


Thanks for the encouragement - spose at least I am counting my "breaks" in paces rather than minutes as I was at the start of this programme



Agree - don't be too hard on yourself, this is really only a technical 'fail' because you want to complete the programme by the book and do your 25 mins without walking. I can sympathize, I'd be exactly the same and I'd repeat the run just for my own satisfaction; having said that W7 is another three 25 minute runs... if you do the next 3 runs without walking you could think about moving on to W8.

I found pace was even more important in the longer runs so take care about that - and you're well on track for the 5K, just go at a pace that's comfortable for you. My crisis time is 5 - 10 minutes into the run so I do that bit quite slowly, after that it's better all the way.

Good luck for the next run :-)


Good suggestion re the next three runs - I was thinking along similar lies & it gives me a goal to go for.

I seem to have a similar "crisis time" - I think it is just as my first "tiredness" sets in and before my I sort my breathing etc (which on my usual route coincides with a small but steep hill at the highest point of my run)!!

Need to think SLOW(er)!!!!!


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