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I am struggling with this a bit I have to be honest I've repeated it twice and will have to do it again as I can't finish. The problem is my breathing as much I try to breath slow I still get so breathless I have to stop. I've tried the breathing in through the nose out through the mouth and its not working for me. Also I've been using a red ash running track so far and I think I'm bored of it so maybe now run out on the streets . Will post tomorrow hopefully that I've completed this run.😊

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Hi Buddy, it sounds like you’re going too fast maybe? Have you tried dialling back your pace so that breathing isn’t such an issue? I’ve got to the point where I can now run for over an hour bearing thinking of my breathing pattern. I just breathe naturally.

My guess is you’re overthinking it. Remember there’s no such thing as too slow. Embrace it, and enjoy your running. You WILL be able to make the 25 minuter! 👊👍👏

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I did this run on Sunday. Until then my breathing had been panicky at times and I can’t do the nose mouth thing. I just breath through my mouth taking it slow and steady. Good luck with your next run.

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A change of route can be a real boost - just avoid any big hills ! Two things that help my breathing are grabbing a quick drink (water, obviously !) and thinking about something completely unrelated to running. That’s why I started making up the daft mantras. Incidentally, if it’s particularly cold or hot where you are, that will also reduce your lung capacity. Slowing down just a little will help. You can do this - we’re all right behind you ! Enjoy your rest now and then get out there and nail the little so-and-so 😄

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You are lucky being able to use a running track! But you're right, that might be part of the problem. It sounds as if you need to slow down a bit, and I find I run much faster on a good surface, without even realising, which might be what you are doing.

Trying different terrains will naturally slow you down, and give you something else to think about, other than your breathing.

BTW, it was week 8 before I could run without thinking about my breathing, but it just came right all by itself. And I still breathe through my mouth at times - I think you get more air into your lungs that way!

Take it slow and relax - you CAN do this!

Some great advice above, Also try a little trick I learnt as I was going through the program. Count to 100 as you run. Out loud or in your head. It sounds unlikely that it could help but it gives your brain a different focus and sometimes that helps to take some of the pressure away from the run, it helps you find your own pace while you are counting. I found it helped me so often in the beginning.

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It is not your breathing that you need to slow down, it is your pace.

Are you jogging at an easy conversational pace, as described in the guide to the plan? healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

The guide also has other advice on breathing, namely, stop thinking about it and do what comes naturally.

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Take your time and you will do it.

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Thanks to everyone who replied

Ive just finished week5 run 3 didnt think i could run 20mins and have 25 mins next week. Try slowing your pace. It took me a long time to realise ite not your pace or your distance its getting there and back in time. Well it is for me. I cant breath through the nose at all but try taking deep breaths and releasing it slowly over about 5 steps. Annoyingly my breathing is audible to others but it works for me.try out different breathing techniques i had to do this until i found one that works for me.

yes it can be tough, when they tell you you should be able to hold a conversation without gasping as well ! In order to do that I have to slow down to a virtual walk sometimes.

You have done well so far, stick with it. Plenty of great advice on here I find.

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