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Help - I need a pick-me-up

So I'm up to week 7 which hasn't gone well so far (see previous posts), although I am very determined to graduate eventually.

I just seem to be in a phase of feeling generally crappy lately.

I don't know what's going on but every now and then my body seems to enter a phase of feeling rubbish. Sleep doesn't refresh me at all and I always feel the need for more. I do tend to sleep a good 8 hours a night tho left alone I can easily sleep through 10-12 upwards.

Everything else is affected too. Constantly feeling groggy really affects my concentration and memory and I feel I'm always fighting to see through the brain fog. I also feel generally down in the dumps too.

Also I get random bodily aches too. My legs, shoulders, my jaw....

At the moment its really affecting both my performance and motivation.

Up to now I've really been enjoying this running program and I really want to continue on to graduation and beyond.

I thought having more (any) exercise in my life would help me feel better in the long run?

Please tell me this is a phase I'll get over and that others have shared experiences?

I just need a boost......

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Hezzabelle, it IS a phase and you WILL get over it.

See it through, every run isn't going to be enjoyable, however there is no such thing as a bad run!

Listen to the podcasts, vary your routes, and once you complete week 9 run 3...celebrate!


Sounds like a phase to me . Hang in there! I am realizing that a lot of my struggles with running have been psychological..not physical. All the best in getting through this bump in the road!


Hi Hezzabelle, sounds like you're struggling a bit. I go through similar phases and I've come to the conclusion it's to do with my blood sugar and therefore my diet. I'm trying to eat more low GI foods (whole wheat) and this does seem to help a bit. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


I would shake my diet up a bit if I were you, also perhaps drink more water, can be in the guise of fruit/herbal tea, dilute juice etc. If your lethargy is constant and gets any worse perhaps a visit to the doctor for a check up because if you are basically fit and healthy otherwise there could be an underlying problem. Take care and listen to your body and be sensible, a stern talking to it is one thing but ignoring when something may be wrong is unwise.


I had similar symptoms for a long time, turned out I had a vitamin d deficiency. Doc gave me some high strength capsules and I saw an improvement very quickly, started to feel the warning signs recently so went back and got my bloods done, lo and behold my vitamin d levels were low again. Might be worth a trip to the docs! X


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