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Week 6 run 3 done - bring on week 7 :-)

Did my 25 minute run today - after the other interval running during the rest of the week I was wondering how I'd do but it was fine. Keep doing different routes around my village as I seem to have a low boredom level :-D

I generally run about 7:30 on Fridays and keep bumping into all the secondary school pupils going to catch their buses. Somehow this does spur me on to move a bit faster! Am hoping I can get a bit faster next week and maybe hit 5k during week 8?

Am starting to look forward to graduating in a few weeks time and hope then I'll manage to keep running. Think I'll stick with 5k for a while although might try some of the other podcasts if I ever feel like going a bit further. Also intending to do some park runs although the effort to get out of bed early on a Saturday might be hard!

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Well done idris :) I know you can do it!


It's a great feeling, idristhedragon, isn't it? Must be all the endorphins! More power to our legs!


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