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5 days with no running - found my feet again

Well, I had a busy day interviewing (mocks) Year 10 and 11 at my daughter's school today and decided I needed some fresh air afterwards, so threw on my (new) running gear and went to the park.

As I haven't run for 5 days, I was feeling a bit nervous, but I managed to get through Week 9 run 1. It wasn't my best run, by a long way, but it was an ok run, which given the hectic week I've had and the focus has been on some gruelling cycle rides, is really good.

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Getting out there is the important bit, and it was a good run! you've only got 2 more to go now. Exciting huh?


I know! It's amazing to think I couldn't run for just a couple of minutes without gasping for breath only a couple of short months ago. I'm really looking forward to my graduation run.

I'm quite looking forward to having a glass or two of wine to celebrate, I've been steering clear with the prep for races (run/cycle) as I know it really affects my performance the next day, so I can let my hair down.

This course has been wonderful. It hasn't just got me fit again, it's given my confidence an extra boost and I've lost a fair amount of the squidgy bits* I put on when I was commuting 130 miles a day and working in an office with free breakfast & lunch and too many client lunches.

* sounds so much nicer than 2 stone, don't you think?


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