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Pretty darn fed up :0(

As someone who refused to do PE at school and mocked gym bunnies and my marathon running husband over the years, I had finally defected to the opposition and admitted that my figure and metabolism were not as sprightly as I'd kidded myself.

Started a healthy eating plan, hired a personal trainer but the progress was not as obvious as I would have liked.

On a training course two weeks ago I overheard someone talking about C25K and, to my astonishment, it snagged my interest and I listened in a little more.

Cue a bit of internet research and a shopping spree to make sure I looked the part!

I cannot begin to tell you how painfully difficult that first run was but also how thrilled I was with myself for doing something I never believed I could. One run down and a real excitement that maybe, unbelievably, this was something I could actually do.

Cue inevitable disappointment.

Run 3 of week one all went horribly wrong when, 30 seconds into the first 1 minute run, I felt a popping / ripping sort of sensation in my groin with pain and a bit of a wobbly feeling to my right leg. With hindsight I should probably have stopped there and then, but all I could think of was that I was not going to give in, so off I went and completed the rest of the run.

Oh dear, that was a silly thing to do. Ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine are just about keeping my soreness bearable and my husband has suggested that I should not run or do any exercise for a week while I heal up.

If you had seen my pace of running you would, like me, have wondered how on earth I managed to injure myself. I have no idea how or what I have managed to do but what I do know is that I feel really, really sad that I can't move forward to week 2 and will have to re-do the first week. I'm also a bit worried that this will happen again.

Ah well, moan over, I will just have to try and remain positive that next week will be ok and watch and celebrate others progress on here.

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Hope you make a quick recovery. Having got off the couch it is very frustrating to be returned to it.


awww, thanks hun, I'm going to stay positive


Poor you - I think you should see your trainer again or better still a physio. There are lots of stretches/exercises but when you have an injury it's better to have an expert tell you what's best for your own particular case, then when you know you can apply it yourself as you go on.

I spent literally years faffing around with back pain, then when I eventually did get proper help I got on top of it within months and it's fine now. A 'popping/ripping sensation' followed by a 'wobbly feeling' sounds to me like something you should be asking an expert about - there's probably a very easy cure but you need to know what that is before you make things worse by doing the wrong thing or not doing anything.

Good luck - let us know how you get on! :-)


A similar thing hapened to me in W3. Like you'd I'd always been a confirmed non runner but then came across C25K! For me the problem was with my calf - a sudden pain and it just gave way leaving me in agony, barely able to put any wieght on it. However with lots of good advice from the guys here -mainly about the need to rest it and not try to do anything too soon - three weeks later I was able to pick up pretty much where I'd left off and complete the programme with no further problems. So, my advice would be not even to think about going out again until you're completely recovered and then try and start with W2. Hope it all goes well - I'm sure it will. Just take a look at the other Blogs - picking up an injury or two seems to be part of the whole experience. Oh yes, and whatever you do NEVER try and 'run through' an injury - it really doesn't work!


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