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Elated after Week 3 Run 1

Yay! Feeling rather elated after completing the first run of Week 3 today.

Drove to my local Country Park with my hubby for a change of scenery. Was feeling a little nervous at the prospect of a slightly longer run...Laura, bless her heart, soon put me at ease and before I knew it I was halfway through. I have to say I really enjoyed myself and am so looking forward to Run 2!

I've been looking for some running shoes but haven't yet found a pair comfortable for me and rather than settle for anything I'd rather wait and be sure as hopefully they'll be carrying me over many miles in the future!

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Well done, Debsie!! You are doing wonderfully!!

I would highly suggest a gait analysis to go with that running shoe purchase. I never realized that selecting the proper shoe was so very important!!

Keep Running!!


Thankyou for the encouragement. I never thought I'd be enjoying myself as much as I all these wonderful fellow Couch to 5Kers are a definite bonus!


Great job Debsie and hubby! :-) Shoes will make all the difference in the world! My thoughts were, we were doing something free so why not pay more for the gear? No membership fees etc. :-) PLUS, new stuff will make you run faster and jump higher! :-)


Quite right...I do like the bargains tho...picked up some great trousers and a jacket from Aldi today...oh and a couple of pairs of socks! Now I just have to model it!


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